(Capacity from 1.100 mc/h to 110.000 mc/h) Filters are used to catch the light dusts generated during handling, processing and cleaning steps. They are constituted by a hot galvanized frame and buffered by galvanized or pre-painted steel panels, folded and bolted together.   Machines construction according to CE rules ATEX certification on demand  


(Capacity from 5 tons/h to 400 tons/h) Precleaners, cleaners and calibrators are used to separate and select the good  product from the waste. The aspiration system separates the product from light dusts, while the screen separates it from the heaviest waste. The machines are made of galvanized or painted steel.   Machines construction according to…


Those dusts suppression systems provide the installation of self-cleaning rotary filters inside the dryers, allowing to maintain dust emissions into the atmosphere within legal limits. If it is impossible to place the filters inside the dryers because of space, they can be installed in custom-made external chambers, made of carpentry either reinforced concrete. Machines construction…


(Base dimensions close range 2.454 x 8.482 mm – base dimensions wide range 3.894 x 9.496 mm – height variable based on the drying capacity) Drying allows to reduce humidity of the grains, preventing the formation of molds and insects, which alter the quality of the product. Dryers, constituted by a steel structure of pre-painted…